English Language/Editing and Proofreading

Would you like to become an editor yourself? If you do, I can offer tuition in English language and in the principles and practice of editing and proofreading.

Editing means thinking yourself into the mind of the writer, interpreting what they mean and putting their ideas into the best possible words. Very similar to translation, in fact.

To do this, you need to have an excellent command of English, a sound knowledge of the rules of grammar and syntax (and when they can be broken) and a large mental bookshelf of words and phrases that you can reach for to express ideas in the best possible way.

English is the world’s richest language, containing between half a million and a million – depending on who’s counting and what exactly is being counted – words. Being able to use the language to its best advantage is a privilege and a boon known particularly to native English speakers.

Contact me if you’d like some sessions on English and editing/proofreading. I’d be pleased to indulge my love of the language by instilling some of that love in you!