My rates are in line with industry standard. I sometimes propose a fixed sum for a job, rather than an hourly rate.

Hourly rates are also negotiable, but here is a guide to my current rates:

Copy/line editing


Substantial editing, rewriting, developmental editing


Specialist editing, e.g. of a text written by someone with a poor command of English, or a complex scientific or mathematical text


Project management




Teaching, training, lecturing


Translation, per 1,000 words


Don’t be alarmed by these rates.

First, I am fast and efficient but also thorough. This means that I can often do in an hour what a less experienced professional, charging less, would take two hours to do. Choosing someone cheaper could be a false economy for you.

Second, let’s talk. We may be able to come to some arrangement that suits your budget and keeps me off the breadline.

So, contact me for a friendly discussion.