Is your work good? Serious question. Obviously you think it is – or could be.

Is it good enough to be published? In what form could it be published? Is it potentially a book or would it be more successful as a series of articles, blogs, features on your own or another website or even a set of videos?

Have you thought about your audience? Who are they and why do you want to communicate with them?

I will work with you to help bring your writing, in whatever genre, to the public, ensuring it is of the highest quality, relevant and attractive to your prospective readership.

We will identify your strengths and areas for improvement and find resources and advice that will support you.

I aim to propel you along the path to getting published, whether that means advising you on form and format, finding a literary agent, identifying a suitable publisher or composing a query package for you to submit to agents or publishers.

On rare occasions, I may judge that a writer’s work is not publishable at all – dull, dated, deeply offensive, dreadfully written, disgusting, deluded, in short a dud – and then I will save the writer time, money and anguish by telling them so.

But let’s be optimistic! Your work will not fall into that category and we’ll do our very best to make a roaring success of it.